Steel City Leadership Group


Saturday November 14th, 2015

9:30 am - 5:00 pm



$18,000 in 4 weeks

"Mr. Shopping Annuity"

Local Coordinator

 ticket $30





Wyndham Garden Airport



Tickets on Sale Saturday September 19th ONLY!

Upcoming Basic 5 and NDT Trainings!
Several Upcoming sessions
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Upcoming Motives Trainings
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Upcoming TLS Weight Loss Solution overview!
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Upcoming Executive Coordinator Certification Training
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Business Briefings  

Pittsburgh / Greentree
2nd and 4th Tuesday Evenings( except holiday mos)
Greentree Doubletree


2015 Seminar Dates:


September 19th

November 14th


Misc. Info

Kathy Quintliana Home UBP Outline 

The system for Motives awareness parties
can be found on Jim and Pam Lee's website:

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